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[Fic] Going Higher, AU/AH

Title: Going Higher
Recipient: kwritten  
Prompt: (Gen) Elena, Jeremy, Damon, Stefan (& Anna if you’re feeling generous): “What are we, twelve”> AU, Elena is 12 and the Salvatores move in next door. What are the Gilberts to do?
Author: thesicko1012
Characters/Pairings: Elena, Jeremy, Damon, Stefan, Miranda Gilbert, Grayson Gilbert, Giuseppe Salvatore.
Word Count: 2,445
Ratings/Warnings: K+
Spoilers: None
There was no way to predict the twists and turns her heart would take well into adulthood, neither was there a way to be prepared. 
A/N: Sorry that this wasn't posted when it was supposed to. I had some roadblocks in the Beta department (all my fault, I gave my original beta such short notice). Thank you amygerrard for doing such a quick Beta after I lost contact with my other one.

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