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Fic: In Our Noir Life 1/?

Title: In Our Noir Life
Recipient: elenarain
Prompt: Damon/Elena- Damon is a big time mobster, running BDSM clubs as a front; Elena is a dancer in one of the clubs. Damon becomes possessive over who gets time with Elena and eventually claims her as his own.
Characters/Pairings: Damon/Elena, Katherine
Word Count: ~ 4900
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 
Spoilers: AU - no spoilers
Summary: Elena is the new girl and Damon is immediately fascinated by her
Author's notes: Written for the tvdfic_exchange. There was need for a pinch-hitter and before I had even emailed Marta to volunteer, I had written ~300 words of this fic. It was just like that. 
And then a funny thing happened where I was absolutely certain that I signed up for 11/7 and 11/9 - but I was (apparently) supposed to post this yesterday. Life being what it is, and this plot!bunny of doom being what it is, this is only the first part for now. I hope to have the second (possibly final) segment posted by the end of next week. Again, I am the ~worst and D/E ruin people's lives. Especially mine


He had known many girls and many styles over the years. The bored woman, who would only move toward her patrons if they begged. The silly girl who delighted and laughed at the men on their knees. The woman for whom the sight of blood and pain made her reckless with pleasure. The hesitant, shy lady who had to be coddled into every motion, who had to be guided into each position as she blushed and shook with her own fear. Each persona had its own perks and most consumers knew when they walked in which woman they wanted – which position they sought over the others. Some would switch and experiment with other performers – would ask that their regular performance be altered for one night.

Never before had he seen such wide-eyed innocence, devoid of bashfulness and so lacking in judgment, disdain, or passion in one of his clubs. Never would he have thought such a girl would be so popular.

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