Ellen Smithee (ellensmithee) wrote in tvdfic_exchange,
Ellen Smithee

FIC: A Day in the Life

Title: A Day in the Life
Recipient: aerintine
Prompt: Jeremy: The Gilbert legacy
Author: ellensmithee
Characters/Pairings: Jeremy, implied Matt/Bonnie, Alaric's ghost, implied Katherine/Kol
Word Count: ~2400
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, Canon-typical violence, vampire turning, possible character death (depending on how you want to interpret the scene in question)
Spoilers: Through the end of S3
Summary: A day in the life of Jeremy Gilbert: doctor, family man, vampire hunter.
Author's notes: Written for aerintine for the tvdfic_exchange. I hope you like it! I loved all your prompts, but this was the one that really stuck with me. Many thanks to saltzatore for the quick-and-dirty beta!

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