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pictures from the flood

Title: pictures from the flood
Recipient: ellensmithee
Prompt: Rebekah/Matt: love will find a way
Author: aerintine
Characters/Pairings: Rebekah Mikaelson/Matt Donovan
Word Count: ~12200
Rating: Teen (language, violence, mild sexual content)
Warnings: major character deaths
Spoilers: Through 3x22
Betas: rosaxx50 (who gets all credit for the summary) and pocochina (who gets all credit for the krav maga). All my gratitude to both of you. Your help was invaluable. (I have the greatest friends ever)
Summary: Like some cosmic joke, the dust clears and Matt's the only one left standing. Struggling to move on with his life, he can't help but notice the only one just as alone as he is. Probably because she won't let him.
AN: This prompt was immediately intriguing. It was a new challenge for me to write for this pairing, and I’m very grateful for the experience – thank you so much for that, ellensmithee. I wrote the lion’s share of this before the Season 4 premiere – who knew these two were actually going to be a canon pairing? Wild. So, no S4 canon taken into account for this story, though I don’t think it’s entirely incompatible with events so far, either. I’ve also made a sound track ~ I hope you enjoy it!

Split in two parts due to LJ word limits: Part 1 (includes soundtrack links) | Part 2
Tags: round one

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