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tvdfic_exchange's Journal

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Welcome to tvdfic_exchange, a fanfic exchange for The Vampire Diaries!

Here are the rules that you must abide by to participate in this exchange.

[1] All stories must be at least 2,000 words. There is no maximum.

[2] All stories must be beta read. This is not optional. If your story comes in looking like a hot mess, we will likely hold it back from posting until you clean it up. We will have beta sign-ups, so if you don't have a regular beta, we can hopefully hook you up with one.

[3] No crossovers or RPF, please. All pairings, characters, ratings, and prompts are welcome and allowed, but must be TVD specific.

[4] The mods reserve the right to close sign-ups early if the number of participants is getting unmanageable. We will try to match people with prompts they are willing to write, which is why a variety of prompts would be good to ensure we can accomplish this.

[5] This is a SECRET exchange. Keep your assignment and story between yourself and your beta, please.

[6] Please type the phrase: "I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl" into the subject line of your sign-up so we know that you've read the rules.

Important dates:

September 1st - September 7th => sign-ups
September 14th => we send out the assignments
October 14th => last chance for drop-outs*
October 31st => fics are due
November 5th => posting

Of course beta-readers can sign up at any time.

*Special Note: If you drop out after this date, the mods reserve the right to ban you from any future exchanges.

Questions, concerns, etc? Those should go here